My first bibliotherapy session was extremely enlightening for me. The questions I was asked regarding what I read and why I read prompted some deep thought and revealed (to me, anyway) some interesting and definite patterns in many areas of my life. My personal issue is escapism and resistance. This was made very clear in this session and I see how this is true of my reading choices.  I learned that it might be helpful to expand my horizons and read things outside of my typical comfort zone.

I feel that this will really help me in other areas of my life as well. Reading is a big part of my life, and I was also happy to learn that sometimes we need "palate cleansers" for our reading appetites as well.  I would definitely recommend trying out bibliotherapy. It was very comfortable and easy to discuss my choices and reasons with Alison and I left very impressed with her ability to draw out things that I had not realized regarding my reading choices and getting me to think about the "why."  The session really reminded me of the "talk therapy" I've had in the past. I'm excited to begin reading her recommendations.


BiblioRemedy is such a fantastic concept!  Alison's extensive literary knowledge and compassionate relatability combine to form exactly what the book lover has always wanted: healing and comfort through reading.  She took the time to learn about so many facets of me, from my taste in books, to my lifestyle and environment, to my emotional processes and therapeutic needs. The list of books in her prescription covered many genres and literary voices, with each fulfilling a different need and providing its own support on my BiblioRemedy journey. Alison's combined gifts are manifested perfectly in BiblioRemedy. I'm beyond excited to dive into my list!


I am a copywriter, yet I have read very, VERY little fiction over the past 20 years.

That being said: In some ways, I was skeptical over how bibliotherapy would benefit me. I’m a writer; surely I can figure out my own books to read! But I have been so grateful for Alison’s bibliotherapy recommendations. They are definitely made based on who I am, where I am in my life, what issues I am facing, and my desired outcomes.

And as far as the books themselves go, I have found her choices to be stimulating and thought-provoking. The act of reading for pleasure has been wonderful, true, but the actual books that Alison has recommended have been spot on—I honestly couldn’t ask for more. Working with her has been such a great experience. I would highly recommend Alison’s services to anyone, and look forward to gifting sessions to my friends and family.


I've been fascinated by every step of the bibliotherapy process. Answering the questionnaire revealed more than I expected, then Alison asked questions in our conversation that teased out even more. Her recommendations and reasoning are truly thoughtful. I look forward to exploring the books and discovering what I'll glean from them.


What can I say about Alison and and her BiblioRemedy service? A lot of really good things, that's what. She is a true book whisperer. The premise is brilliant. Alison has a raw talent for getting to the heart of what matters to one's soul and well-being, and not only offering up fantastic reading selections to enrich, but also meaningful vignettes as to why she has recommended them. I highly recommend her service to anyone and everyone who would benefit from getting to know themselves--and the world around them--a little bit better through words.