I mentioned this novel to my friend Brooke, and I said, “this one ticks all of my middle-aged white lady boxes.”

Which is not to say that you shouldn’t read it if you’re not a middle-aged white lady.

Ultimately this novel is about love and sabotage and secrets and poetry and art and…it ticks all of my aforementioned boxes.

From the back-cover blurb: “Henry only knows one way to love a woman, and that is completely. Twenty-one years after they were driven apart, Henry and Margot reunite on a Manhattan street.”

From that random encounter—because it is random, and Henry and Margot don’t even speak to each other after 21 years—unfolds a story of young, forbidden love, and the omniscient narrator* makes sure the reader knows both sides of the story.

Other than the excellent writing, I was a fan of the back-and-forth points of view of Henry and Margot, circa 1991 and 2012.

Keep an eye out for this one. It’ll be available in June of this year, and it will make a great book club or vacation read!


*Yes, I did say “omniscient narrator.” No, I do not teach high school English.