Alison Kerr Courtney

Alison’s love of words and language led her to her first job: shelving books at the public library when she was just in middle school. Later, while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts at Allegheny College, she worked in the bookstore on campus. She went on to become the first employee hired for the then-upstart Wooster Book Company, an independent bookstore and publisher in northeast Ohio. Alison moved to France where she earned the CAPES national certification exam for teaching in secondary schools. Fluent in French and English, she also freelanced as a writer and editor. After thirteen years abroad, she returned to the States, this time to Lexington, Kentucky. Alison joined the team at the Morris book shop, and as a bookseller, she delighted in chatting with customers and connecting them with books they might have otherwise overlooked. Beyond mere recommendations, though, Alison discovered she had a true talent for bibliotherapy.

With BiblioRemedy, Alison marries her extensive knowledge of books with her heartfelt desire to help readers increase happiness, decrease stress, and unlock their imaginations. She’d love to help you, too.